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Spicy Carrot Salad
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Champagne Greens
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Baked Potatoes
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Apple Sausage Plait
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Paneer Steak
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Polish Yeast Cake
An Excellent Route To Enter The Realms Of Paradise.
Strawberry Graham Galette
A Visual Treat For Everyone.
Gluten Free Coconut Bread
A Common Trend For a Mouth-Watering Experience.

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Crepe Recipe

How To Make The Perfect Crepe Recipe

A perfect Crepe is something which can lift anyones mood. The best part of this is that to make a perfect crepe you do not have to sweat. This is the only way to help enjoy your breakfast and desserts. Crepes is a fancy yet super easy way to start morning. But crepes without a recipe can be bland. We want to make sure that you can enjoy the recipe without failing.

How to Make crepes

It takes less than a minute to make crepes all you need is Milk, eggs, butter, sugar, vanilla, salt, flour. Try to make sure that you are taking your time especially when it is your first time trying out crepes. Here is a small tutorial on how to make the perfect crepe recipe. Crepes

Make the batter in blender

All you have to do is combine milk, eggs, sugar, vanilla, salt, flour and mix it in for 15-20 minutes. After which you need to rest your batter in the fridge for more than 30 minutes. You can keep the batter overnight to help your batter develop the best taste.

Cook in skillet

Take a non-stick cooking spray on a frying pan and put in 1/4 cup batter and let it cook for over a medium heat for two minutes. After you see the side cooking you can turn the pan immediately from side to side in circles to help cook the crepes until it is lightly browned.


Try to repeat the process and much as you want and make sure that you are serving them until they are ready. You can add fruits and sauces to make it more palatable to your taste.

Crepe fillings

You can also customise your favourite toppings to make it sweet or savoury. You can start by eating your crepes with Nutella, banana, and berries which can work with the whipped cream on top.

Sweet filling

There are many ways you can make your sweet creme filling with cream cheese filling and chopped strawberries, ricotta or mascarpone with fresh berries, peaches and cream, strawberry jam and powdered sugars, marshmallow fluff and chocolate sauces.


Sautéed vegetables and eggs, caprese, ham and cheese, scrambled eggs and bacon, sausages and apples. Savoury


There are more than a few ways to make sure crepe look presentable and we have a few ticks for you try out.

Fold in half

This is one of the easiest option where you have to fold the crepe in half and add filling.

Make triangles

This is another elegant looks where you fold it in half and them fold again and stacking them on top of another.

Roll the crepes

This is one way to add extra filling where you make the crepe into roll.
How To Order Food In Restaurants

How To Order Food In Restaurants

Ordering food can be an individuals nightmare as not everyone is aware of the food they like to eat if you are conscious about your behaviour in a restaurant. Here is a step by step guide on ways to order food in a restaurant.

Find a seat

This is the first step of ordering food online all you have to do is find a seat where you will sit in a restaurant. This is important because most waiters take orders depending on the table you choose.

Look at the menu

The menu should always be available to you as soon as you catch a place. Try to make sure that you have enough menus for each one of the staff. The menu needs to include everything which the restaurant sells and also needs to have mention of the prices. Try to make sure that you are looking for something interesting which you can eat right now. Call the waiter over

Call the waiter over

This can simply be done by waiting and making sure that the waiter has gained your attention. Try to make sure that you have you order in mind. Make sure to tell them the order of food. Always be kind to your waiter, never click your fingers or be rude to them. They are normal people, and they are trying to do their jobs well.

Wait for your food

There are many restaurants where they cook food from scratch, and as soon they get your order they tend to work for it. This means that it might take a little while for your order to reach you. Just be patient and wait for your food and you can ask the waiter if your food does not arrive in half an hour. This will allow them to check with the chef and get your order started.


When you receive your order, try to make sure that you are making space for the food. Also, make sure that you wait for the waiter to serve and leave. This way, you can enjoy the food at peace without any problems.

Ordering food over the phone: Decide what you like

When you are ordering food online, make sure that you already are aware of the food that you like. This will cut your phone time in half, allowing you to move ahead with the order.

Ordering food over the phone: Place your order

Generally, when you call the restaurants, you need to make sure you are clear about the order and your address. This will make sure that your order reaches you always without any delays. Wait for delivery

Ordering food over the phone: Wait for delivery

Depending on where you live, you can easily start by ordering food online, which can vary from time to time. Make sure that you are waiting for an appropriate amount of time before giving them a call.

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